Shakti is the Sanskrit name for how energy manifests in the world, and the ultimate creative force. Synthesis is the combination of ideas to create a theory.

Shakti Synthesis the intersection of the ancient, the modern, and the cultural influences that affect our health, wellness and well-being. Using the very best from the science of the ancient and modern, I have created a new paradigm of health and healing.

This new paradigm takes an non-diet, body positive approach to creating REAL, MEASURABLE health. It utilizes the synthesis of my knowledge, experience and expertise from the realms of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and research science to help you live the happiest, healthiest life possible.

SO, if you are interested in diving deep with me, click the link to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. On that call, we will pull back the curtain on what’s been holding you back from true health, and see if you are ready to GET TO WORK to heal yourself from the inside out.

Also, stay on the lookout here for my new online yoga studio, coming in late June, where we can stay connected on the mat as well


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