Private Yoga Instruction

Why take yoga lessons? 

Some people can be reticent about trying yoga, but there are many benefits to adding regular yoga practice into your routine. Yoga helps us reduce stress, prevent injuries, strengthen and stabilize the body, create flexibility, improve blood pressure, improve lipid levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and it provides so many other physical mental and emotional benefits. 

 But simply dropping into a group yoga class at your local gym can not only be intimidating, it can also be downright dangerous, depending on the qualifications and experience of the instructor.

By committing to private yoga lessons, you are sure to get individual attention and a customized practice that is targeted to your unique and specific needs. It provides safety by ensuring the correct alignment in poses, and allows the instructor to continuously monitor your level of exertion.

Private yoga instruction can help you to gain initial experience before joining a group class and give you tools that will keep you salt safe and healthy in any setting. It’s also a great way to work therapeutically to rehabilitate injuries without worrying about aggravating them.

Private yoga lessons also allow us to customize a practice if you happen to be dealing with a chronic illness. And last, but not least, we are able to create something for you that answers the needs of your body that specific day, right on the spot. 

I accept private yoga clients on a very limited basis, and am currently full.

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